Valley Christian Academy's kindergarten establishes a basis for academic excellence by emphasizing the basics of phonics and mathematical concepts while presenting the Gospel and Christian character traits.

The elementary classes help students master the fundamentals of learning while firmly establishing work habits and learning patterns. Students learn character development through a structured classroom setting that promotes discipline and self-control.

Valley Christian uses a combination of Abeka, BJU Press, Zaner Bloser, and Positive Action for Christ curricula. Elementary classes are also supplemented with weekly computer, PE, and music classes. In the third grade, students learn to play a flutophone, so they are ready for elementary band and choir in fourth grade. Every year, our students display their skills both in concerts and in competitions.

Junior high introduces a new phase in growing up. Students change classes and teachers for each subject area. The curriculum is a mixture of BJU and Abeka. Classes prepare junior high students for a college preparatory high school.

Academic help classes are available for junior and senior high students daily.

Senior high students are challenged with a college-preparatory education. Students use iPads for their work. The curriculum is frequently supplemented with additional information, projects, and opportunities.

Several Advanced Placement (AP) classes including AP Calculus, AP Language, AP Literature, and AP Government are offered to juniors and seniors. AP students receive an extra point in their GPA. Each class can qualify as college credit if the student performs well on each class's AP Exam.